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You might find this kind of really important.  
12:52am 29/01/2008
E.D. Gilson

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02:11pm 02/01/2008
E.D. Gilson

2008 Numerology Forecast

Expect big shake-ups this year


2008 is dominated by the most powerful number there is: 1. Although every New Year promises changes and new beginnings, 2008 will be a historic one. And it's not just the next year, either. The whole next decade is going to be a period of change, too -- in a big-picture sense and also on a personal level.


The choices, priorities and lifestyle changes of individual people all over the world will force massive social change. And in an election year, that's great news. There are a ton of reasons to be optimistic in 2008, but the biggest is that one person (i.e. you) really can make a difference!

The year 2008 can be described as the year of surprises; many of them good ones. Expect some major upsets in politics, economics, and maybe even some earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The biggest changes happen in the spiritual and ethical worlds, though; organized religions may start losing members. At the same time, small groups who want to change the world may start popping up and getting to be pretty popular. It will be a time of opposites -- separation on one side, and more tolerance on the other. There will be some conflict, for sure, but once that's resolved, the answer to the whole, "Can't we all just get along?" question may just be "Yes!"

The number 6 is also an important one in the year ahead. It makes us focus our attention on our best qualities as humans; love, compassion and sharing. But because of where it's placed, it's a challenging number. This means that communication and a sense of community is on a downward spiral. This doesn't mean that we can't turn it around, though -- it just means that we have to try harder.

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How freshman year of me  
02:32am 17/12/2007
E.D. Gilson

It just fits everyhing

Were you surprised that we never spoke?
That in the still of the night, when nothing stirs
I woke and I gathered up some clothes
I never planned on this but it's the way it goes
And now it all seems too familiar like pages turned on calendars
We get the same twelve months to fuck things up, year after year
And I can't believe how down I am like a well I'm being lowered in
Now water stops, the bucket drops us farther and farther down
Farther and farther down

Well I guess that you never knew me
Or at least not well enough

So I fill my gut with dark red wine
Until my brain shuts off and my eyes go blind
You won't see me there in that thick black air
Yeah, I'll finally make something disappear

Because I've been practicing disappearing
And I think that I've got it down

Now there is no sun, just a cellar
Nowhere is sky, just that black, black dirt
Now there is no sun, it's just a cellar
Nowhere is sky, just that black, black
Black, black dirt

Expanding outwards, just echoes for answers
Not that it matters, it's back or it's forwards
Unhappy lovers with baskets of flowers
Use them as markers
The place where your bed once stood
A time when it still felt good

But you'll get that feeling back
Yeah, you just need some time to think
And to add up the hell, get it straight in your mind
But to calculate cost, that may take some time
But I'm sure you'll get to feeling better
Yeah, I just need some time to drink

So I'll fill my gut with that blood red wine
Until my insides swim and my veins unwind
I'll be lying there in that hot white air
Once that something's gone, it might never reappear
It might never reappear
It might never reappear
It might never reappear

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Dissolve into Nothingness  
01:52am 13/11/2007
E.D. Gilson
Maybe I'm real, maybe I'm not. Lately I feel more like a ghost than something of substance. Nothing matters yet everything terrifies me. I think it'll all change if someone would just kiss me on the mouth and not take it back. I need to stop taking babysteps up this mountain and find me a chairlift. Will I get to the top in time?
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(no subject)  
10:13pm 02/07/2007
E.D. Gilson
I'm surprised at how much I've grown so fast.
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Smokes fill the air  
12:49am 17/05/2007
E.D. Gilson

I just turned 19, and I'm a fucking wreck.  Couldn't be happier.

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(no subject)  
10:46am 16/04/2007
E.D. Gilson
Working hard as heck. Partying just as hard. Note to self: Don't drink so much, you'll seem like a college kid or something.

CocoRosie on friday. Then  I'm coming home for the weekend.  4/20 what up.
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One of these days  
11:34pm 10/04/2007
E.D. Gilson

I'm going to sleep. Become a good student. Find something with the member of the opposite sex that's actually tangible. Feel comfortable. Breathe.

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I would just like to point out...  
08:50am 08/04/2007
E.D. Gilson
 ...that it's almost 9:00 am and I have yet to go to sleep. Instead I spent 5 hours watching the extended discs of what the bleep do we know and having philosophical debates. I also drank close to an entire bottle of jack daniels with not that much help. Happy Easter!
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Just wanted to let everyone know  
12:05am 08/04/2007
E.D. Gilson

That I love you all.

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